lunedì 16 aprile 2018

Abolish Article 153. Annual art exhibition at The Hub Kuwait

Alexandra Zambon. I see you, I feel, I’m you, 57x29,5 cm, Lino printing on paper A/P

For the 4th year in a row, the abolish article 153 campaign, will be hosting their annual art exhibition  at The Hub. Every year we try to promote the work of young up and coming artists, and established ones, and provide a unique a platform to showcase their talents with pieces that are especially commissioned for our cause. As a small non-profit, we appreciate the financial support from all sources and our annual art show is an important fund-raiser for our campaign and to help the battered and abused women from all walks of life who look to us as their only source of assistance. We’re extremely grateful to all of the people who’ve stood by us over the years and believed in our cause, and to everyone who contributes to this show, that helps us shelter them, and finance their legal and psychological aid.

artists in exhibition:
Amira Behbehani , Talal Hamadah, Afsoon, Zainab Qabazard, Deena Qabazard, Negin, Om kalthoom Al-Alawi, Mohammad Alkhiraibet Aka (M.S.K), Mohammad Al-Hemd, Mohamad Omran, Sultan AlSamhan, Suhaila Alnajdi, Anas Alomaim, Abdullah Alotaibi, Othman Khunji, Reem Yassof, Fatma Abodoma, Musa Al-Shadeedi, Abdulla Alawadi, Fareed Abdal, Alexandra Zambon.

Italian artist Alexandra Zambon is present in this exhibition with three of her artworks. Below Alexandra Zambon’s art statement:

“If you give me your hand
I will show you how to be free”
Thandiswa Mazwai afro-Jazz Musician

I believe in the POWER that made her a Super Woman.
How do I represent this woman?
What does it mean to be a woman, a Super Woman.
A substitute in the place of a real woman, Wonder Woman is an idealistic icon who satisfies the societal image of the quintessential woman.
Sexy, young, beautiful, and bolstered by her exceptionalism, she is definitely a “walking contradiction of the competing demands placed on women’s shoulders today”.
The real power of the Woman is her kindness, the empathy, compassion and courage to fight for her rights.
The Super Women of the past, present, and the future are those who every day are dedicated to their work and their family as they nourish our society.
My work is a journey showing our deep and diversified universe made of feelings and love. it’s an ode to the marvelous feminine world that fascinates me every day.

Abolish Article 153. Annual art exhibition in Kuwait
Opening 16th of April, 2017 at 7-9pm

The HUB Gallery  (former FA Gallery)
Tel: +965 22 49 8999
Address: Sharq, Block 2, Gulf road, Villa 76, next to Al Amiri Hospital
Opening Hours: 10am-9pm