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Visualcontainer@ OBLIQUA. Mostra Internacional de Videoarte & Cinema Experimental

Chiara Mazzocchi. Sleeping Standing, 2014

Visualcontainer@ OBLIQUA
Mostra Internacional de Videoarte & Cinema Experimental
3-10 of May 2016
LISBOA, Portugal

Videoart selections from: Brasil, France, Great-Britain, Italy, Mexico, Spain and Portugal.

Oblíqua Festival Director and management / Paulo Botelho Menezes
Co-organized by Mario Gutiérrez Cru

International curators: VisualContainer (IT) / Proyector (ES) / One Minute Artists Moving Image (GB)/ L'Œil d'Oodaaq (FR) / Okular(ME)/ Strangloscope (BR)

Supported by: Instituto Cervantes / British Council / Fábrica Braço de Prata / Appleton Square / Agência da Curta Metragem / Teatro do Bairro / Casa da América Latina / Cossoul / Germinal

Visualcontainer screening:
BODY LANDSCAPES curated by Visualcontainer (Alessandra Arnò)

6.5.16 h 21.30 @ Appleton Square Gallery, Lisbon

4-8.5.16 Loop all programs @Fábrica Braço de Prata + Teatro do Bairro, Lisbon

Artists: Barbara Brugola & Trond Arne Vangen - Rita Casdia - Armida Gandini - Claudia Maina - Lucia Veronesi - Patrizia Bonardi - Eleonora Manca - Silvia Camporesi - Salvatore Insana + Elisa Turco - Chiara Mazzocchi - Elisabetta Di Sopra - Natalia Saurin - Mauro Folci - Micol Roubini + Lorenzo Casali

Body landscape aiming to unveil the relationship between body and landscape in audiovisual field. Italian artists often investigated the potential of landscape in their performance or visual attitudes. Some of them are focused on re-mapping of territory through the body as unit of measure, other work on subliminal appearance connected in particular places.
Also the imagination bring the interest point into subliminal landscapes. Dreamt places are sometimes mixed into reality and invented stories. Landscape are revealed by human habits throughout a documentary intent. Bodies and landscape are definitely shaped by the time and personal stories.
This miscellaneous approaches want to bring audiences into subliminal unexplored places and inhabited bodies by means of their experiences.

Selected video:

Barbara Brugola & Trond Arne Vangen, Pic nic , 8.00, 2015
Rita Casdia: I d. 4:50, 2015
Armida Gandini - Muovo sonnambula al mondo, 2'00", 2012
Claudia Maina - FALLING-CLOTHING, 04'13", 2007
Lucia Veronesi - Paesaggio senza titolo #7, 2' 32'', 2014
Patrizia Bonardi – Run with the past, 4: 41 2014
Eleonora Manca - Anamorphosis, 03:15, 2015
Silvia Camporesi - SIFR - La distanza canonica, 4'10", 2010
Salvatore Insana + Elisa Turco - Fase di Dormienza, 3'48", 2015
Chiara Mazzocchi - Sleeping Standing - 4:34, 2014
Elisabetta Di Sopra - Temporary, 5’:00, 2013
Natalia Saurin - Contemplazione, 3:33, 2010
Mauro Folci - Esodo/Exodus, 1'37", 2011
Micol Roubini + Lorenzo Casali, Ignition, 8'40, 2010

Oblíqua, the first edition of the International Video Art & Experimental Cinema Exhibition to take place in Lisbon from 4 to 10 May 2016, is dedicated to create an alternative circuit of exhibition and dialogue of video art and experimental filmmaking at an international level. Presenting curatorships that represent invited countries, in this edition they are Brasil, France, Great-Britain, Italy, Mexico and Spain, as well as one representing Portugal.
Establishing news relations between the experimental moving image and the public, as much as between the signifying eyes of the authors and curators, an heterogeneous organic body forms itself linking the culture(s) of the several represented countries towards a broader and unifying aspiration that contradicts a certain tendency of contemporary society.

Festival program:

Visualcontainer Italian Video Art Platform has been created in order to promote and disseminate the video art through various cultural projects organized within a single research center that includes:Visualcontainer distributor, the first Italian distributor of video art with an archive of more than 70 artists and 200 videos available on line and for hiring;

VisualcontainerTV – International Video Art webchannel, the TV channel on the web whose programming includes exhibitions, monographs, interviews dedicated to video art, artists and festivals.
[. BOX] video art project space, the space exhibition center in Milan that hosted the most interesting research in video art.

Special thanks to: Paulo Botelho Menezes

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