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We are delighted to announce that, after 7 years, Slideluck Roma is returning in the Capital on Friday 4th September 2015

Slideluck Roma is possible thanks to the partnership with ARENE DI ROMA during the ESTATE ROMANA - ROMA CAPITALE.

SLIDELUCK is an international non-profit arts organization dedicated to building and strengthening community through food and photography. Since 2000, Slideluck has been bringing events that combine a multimedia slideshow with a potluck dinner to over 85 cities all over the world. It works as a platform for exposing photographers, curators, collectors, and editors to new work, in a creative and non-commercial environment.

ARENE DI ROMA is a non-profit art organization based in Rome that manages the screenings of more than 1,000 movies into 14 open-air cinemas installed in historical prestigious monuments.

The evening is art directed by Louise Clements (Artistic Director of QUAD & FORMAT International Photography Festival, Curator and Writer, UK); Giammaria De Gasperis (Photo Consultant, Photo Editor & Art Curator. RVM founder and Editorial Director); and Maria Teresa Salvati (Italy/UK, Curator, Director at Slideluck Europe; Editor-in-Chief at Slideluck Editorial).

Slideluck Roma team includes; Joseph La Mela (France, artists & entrepreneur, Director of Slideluck Roma); and Valentina Trisolino (Italy, Photography Historian and Curator. Founding member of Kult - Culture Visive Press and Media Partners).

The first edition of Slideluck Roma will be hosted in the center of Rome first district at a short distance from the Colosseum, at CHIOSTRO DI SAN PIETRO IN VINCOLI, a major basilica built in Rome in 1442, best known for being the home of Michelangelo’s statue of Moses.


For the slideshow, Slideluck Roma is welcoming photographic bodies of work and multimedia submissions on the theme STILL MOVING.

“With most of Wenders’ films, the idea comes from a place, rather than a story. Every place has a story to tell, and every story begins with a place.

Like the tradition of Haiku […] each word/picture is intended to surprise through justaposition, connecting place and affect in unespected and fresh ways.”

Photocinema: The Creative Edges of Photography and Film, By Neil Campbell, Alfredo Cramerotti

Inspired by this quote by Robert Frank:

“I will make a film…about photographs leading (me) to moving images. Fragments of saved up memories…moving inside that frame. Pushing towards another scene. To reveal and to hide the truth. A photograph is fiction and a sit is moving, it becomes reality.”

We are expecting works that explore the boudaries between documentary and fiction, to be presented in a projection of vibrant works chosen by curators Louise Clements, Giammaria De Gasperis and Maria Teresa Salvati, and the rest of the team.

We are excited to announce the benefits for those who will submit their work:
An edited selection of the final submissions will be shown on screen in QUAD/Derby during FORMAT16 exhibitions, Off Year Program
Some of the selected slideshows will be promoted on RVM Magazine website and on its social channels
The best multimedia works will be featured on Slideluck Editorial
The Trip Magazine will be supporting the event and will interview one / two of the best photographers selected.
1-2 photographers will be featured on GUP Magazine with portfolio online


Submit your work for a chance to be shown at Slideluck Roma / STILL MOVING!
There is a € 10,00 fee per submission.

This is an opportunity for photographers to have their work screened in a unique environment.

We accept series of images plus a sound/music file, or multimedia submissions.

Follow the instructions on the Slideluck submissions page and specify city: Rome!


· Full High Definition resolution

· Photography or visual art submissions should consist of 15 to 40 images. We recommend 20 – 30 images.

· Multimedia and video pieces should be mov or mp4 files and no longer than 5 minutes in length.

· For copyright purposes, all audio included in submissions must be open-sourced. Please see our guidelines on the Submissions page for further information regarding music and audio. (*You can search for open-sourced music through resources such as the Free Music Archive or Creative Commons)

· Please make sure that your piece begins with a clear title card, including your name, and ends with proper credits including contact information and music credit

· We cannot accept Soundslides files, Flash files, or other formats.


· Step 1: Sign up for a Viewbook trial

· Step 2: Upload your images to your new Viewbook trial account. Make sure they meet the specifications and please include the title slides. Click here for inspiration from past Slideluck events.

· Step 3: Click ’Share’ in the main toolbar of the Viewbook interface and select the Slideluck icon. Make sure to select the appropriate City or Event for your submission. You will be asked to fill out a questionairre and upload your audio file. You can submit the same album to multiple events, but please be aware that you may have to pay a separate submission fee for each event that charges one.

Multimedia and video submissions may be sent through this form on Submittable.
For more submission guidelines please visit:
Please contact with direct inquiries or problems.
For more information on the event:
You can submit from 10th June until the 31th of July 2015, midnight, GMT.



About the night at LE ARENE DI ROMA:
Host: Slideluck Roma,
Venue: Arena del chiostro di San Pietro in Vincoli Facoltà di Ingegneria, Via Eudossiana 18 (Colosseo/Cavour)

Potluck Dinner: starts at 7pm. Invitees are welcomed to bring a dish to share with the other attendees
Slideshow projection: starts at 9pm

The exhibition LE ARENE DI ROMA owes its birth to " Cultural Association ARS PAN , founded in March 1991 by a group of cultural workers decided to combine their expertise in order to build and promote cultural events of music , theatres and cinemas installed in historical prestigious monuments of Rome.

 Established in 2004 FORMAT is one of the UK's leading international contemporary festivals of photography and related media. FORMAT organises a year round programme in the UK and Internationally. FORMAT is the place to engage with an incredible range of new work together alongside some of the best-known practitioners in the world. FORMAT is focused on developing opportunities for audiences to see, debate, develop, contribute to and participate in the best of what photography is and can be, alongside comprehensive professional practice programmes and a yearly International Photography Portfolio Review.

QUAD is an international centre for engagement in contemporary art, photography and film, based in Derby. The year round programme focuses on major exhibitions, professional practice for artists, mass participation, commissions, independent film and the creative use of emergent technologies. QUAD is a charity focused on intercultural dialogue through supporting diverse audiences to engage, develop skills and contribute to contemporary culture.

Postcart Edizioni publishing was founded in 1994 by photographer Claudio Corrivetti. His original idea was to promote the creative use of drawing and photography through the publishing and distribution of books and paper products such as greeting cards, bookmarks and posters. Focused on social themes and new talents, today the publishing company has a wide catalog of books, all of them treated with the same precision and a particular care for the quality of the project.
During Slideluck Roma event, Postcart Edizioni will set up his own bookshop with its latest editorial in the photography industry. Moreover, Postcart Edizioni will offer some of its latest publishing as a gift to the two artists selected for the show.
Contact: Tel. and Fax +39 062591030 email:

The Brooklyn Brewery was founded in 1987 by the idea of ​​a former Associated Press correspondent named Steve Hindy and a former employee of the loans office of the Chemical Bank called Tom Potter.
Hindy learned to brew beer during a six years stay in various states of the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia and Syria, where the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages was prohibited. On his return to Brooklyn in 1984, he founded the brewery along with Potter.
Together, these Brooklyners have assembled the skills needed to transform a home brewing hobby into an independent brewery with a brand that has become an international beacon for good beer.
The award-winning beers have gained notoriety worldwide and the company is considered as one of the best craft breweries in the world.
Longtime collaborators, Slideluck and Brooklyn Brewery came up in New York and are now bringing a shared love of art, beer, food and community to audiences across US and abroad.
Brooklyn Brewery is the main drinking sponsors for Slideluck Roma.

RearViewMirror – published by Postcart and available in bookstores, as well as by subscription – is the Italian quarterly magazine dedicated to photography.
In the bulls’ eye of its target, RVM puts documentary photography even beyond traditional codes, with various approaches: hardly reassuring, more unexpected (and less prone to mainstream publishing specifications), provided it remains faithful to the magazine’s declared vocation of telling stories. The starting point of RVM is in fact the idea of photography as a language (with its syntax and its ability to morph into narration), as an exercise in selecting one’s own point of view (hence the choice of what to look to and how to look at it) and as a criterion of knowledge of the world we live in, an access key to its surprising places, unfamiliar lives and untraveled roads.

The Trip aims to spread a philosophy of travel that comes off far from mass tourism and the cage imposed by the trading system of low cost packages. The Trip SRL is mouthpiece of a cultural tourism, sustainable, intelligent, and based on deep knowledge of places, things and people away. The journey here is understood as an experience in which the traveler is the protagonist and narrator. The Trip LTD deals with organization of events, communication and press offices.

GUP, short for Guide to Unique Photography, is an internationally renowned photography quarterly focusing on inspiration for visually-minded people by publishing high-end conceptual (art) photography produced by worldwide leading as well as young talented photographers. GUP Magazine is media partner for this event and will be offering 2-one-year subscriptions to two random participants and will select 1-2 artists to be featuring on GUP Magazine with online portfolio. Website:

Slideluck Editorial is a new platform that aims at showcasing the breadth of the Slideluck photographic storytelling and giving tips and advices on effective multimedia creation.
The mission is to give a credible space to photographers who want to experiment with this new language and, while being entertained and inspired, learn ways to tell effective stories through multimedia.
The projects showcased on Slideluck Editorial are contaminations of photographs, text, music, sound, video and/or animation to empower the stories, but it’s committed to make of photography the main language used in the multimedia (either complex or simple).
Editor-in-Chief Maria Teresa Salvati, will select the best multimedia stories from Slideluck Roma to be featured on the new-born platform.

Kult - Culture Visive is a partnership founded in 2014 in Lecce, Italy by a total female team.
The purpose of the venture is promoting cultural activities as training, publishing and also development of the territory and cultural heritage, strictly linked to visual arts and particularly aimed to photography. Though the partnership is neo-born, experience and academic formation of its members have already a long life.
Curator, photo magazine editor, teacher, historian of arts and photography, project manager: these are the ingredients that distinguish Kult.
Contact: Tel. +39.328.3769480 email:


Established in 2000 in Seattle as a grassroots effort by award-winning photographer Casey Kelbaugh, Slideluck has become an international cultural phenomenon. Over the past 15 years, Slideluck has grown exponentially by demand, bringing vibrant evenings of potluck dinners and multimedia slideshows to cities all over the globe, including New York, Berlin, Oslo, São Paolo, Milan, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Chicago, Mexico City, Nairobi, Copenhagen, Toronto, Seville, Rome, Bogotá, San Francisco, Madrid, Minneapolis, Stockholm, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Panama City, Montrèal, New Orleans and now, for the fourth time, London. Casey says: “I wanted to foster a sense of community within the industry while presenting the work in a egalitarian fashion; by limiting everyone from unpublished students to international art stars to a five minute time limit on their presentations. More than anything else, it’s a fun and inspiring evening that is meant to remind of us why we are creating in the first place.”


For image requests or enquiries about Slideluck Roma
Communications Office:
Director Slideluck Roma: Joseph La Mela
Maria Teresa Salvati
Valentina Trisolino, T +39.328.3769480

For SLIDELUCK (Global HQ) enquiries:
Casey Kelbaugh, Founder, T. +1 917.804.2767,
Registered Charity n: 26-0154406

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