martedì 20 gennaio 2015

Circulation(s) — Festival de la jeune photographie européenne

Nikola Mihov, The Sea Inside, 2014

Circulation(s) — Festival de la jeune photographie européenne

In 4 days: January 24 → March 8, 2015

Since its first edition in 2011, Circulation(s) Festival of Young European Photography has been held in the “Parc de Bagatelle”, in Paris.

Thanks to Fabienne Giboudeaux support, (Deputy Mayor in charge of the green spaces and to Sylvie Depondt and Christophe Chaumont at the Environment and Green spaces Direction (DEVE), the Festival has evolved into a major event in the French photo industry.

With 4 consecutive years of success and a growing recognition coming from the audience and the media, the Circulation(s) festival is gaining momentum by setting up last year the exhibition at the “CENTQUATRE-PARIS”. This center located within Paris, recognized for its qualitative cultural program will give the festival a great exposure and a chance to be visited by a wide audience.

For the fifth year, the Circulation(s) festival is the only one focusing on Young European Photography by exhibiting a photographic dialogue about Europe.

Aiming at scouting and developing talents coming from the young European photographic scene, the festival, organized by Fetart, (a non-profit organization created in 2005), also wishes to connect and federate with partners promoting the same ambition : helping the young photographers to step into the professional market and exhibit an innovative contemporary artistic production.

The festival programming is staged with the Jury’s selection — made after an international call for submission, the selection from an invited school and one from an invited gallery as well as the selection promoted by this year’s sponsor, Nathalie Herschdorfer, director of the “Musée des Beaux-Arts du Locle”, in Switzerland.

Along with a significant exhibition hosting the work of 43 photographers, educational activities (guided tour by the artists, screenings) and workshops (portfolios lectures) are organized for the public at large and young photographers.

Ouverture du mardi au vendredi de 13h à 19h et le we de 12h à 19h

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