lunedì 1 settembre 2014


EAC - Opening Season ELECTRONIC ART CAFE presenta le opere di STEFANO CIANNELLA e ALAIN POUSSOT Music by Stefano Esposito. ALAIN POUSSOT from Switzerland: In his artwork Alain Poussot (born 1978 in Zurich, Switzerland) has a personal take on the various aspects of daily life. In small refined drawings, large colorful paintings on canvases, installations and three-dimensional works he handles incisive moments in his life depicted by either very silent or outrageous humour. Society, stardom, sexuality, illness and death are returning topics in his artworks. Faced with philosophical questions he shows a great talent in enriching his art with words – leaving viewers desperate, hopeful or simply puzzled. STEFANO CIANNELLA: He studied photography at Cfp. Bauer of Milan and collaborated with the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Villa Ghirlanda; he was Professor of Film, Photography and Television at the Faculty of Architecture of Catania. He is registered in the Register of Journalists of Rome and has a degree in Law. He has exhibited his works in museums and galleries throughout the world; in 2012 he was invited to the Biennale of Venice. Paintings, photographs, and installations are his code of referral. He applies in his works plates of iron and steel. The city, people, places, space, relationships, shape, and codes of language manifest and obscure the fixed points within his inquiry. His works are focused on 'sight'. Through the combination of materials he seeks a dialogue with the spheres of profound being, to give shape to an obsession with perfection, to establish some balance between looking and feeling. Umberto Scrocca

Massimo Nardi