sabato 19 ottobre 2013

Opening to Success: New Work by Davor Vukovic

Ny Arts - It's not every evening that you get to celebrate the opening of an artist's work like Davor Vukovic was fortunate enough to enjoy at Broadway Gallery last night. His impressive seascape-inspired abstractions span almost ten feet in any given direction and are full of vibrant colors. An expert in juggling hues, the artist has composed more intense areas to be cleverly balanced with calm passages inspired by the richly varied blues of the ocean.

The work was received warmly by the art-going public, drawing an interested crowd of SoHo intellectuals and art aficionados. One viewer of note was a representative from the Croatian Consulate, who had come to see the recent work of her esteemed compatriot. Davor was also the subject of a number of interviews, to be broadcast on Croatian Television. Milling about admiring the work while sampling a glass or two of white wine, everyone on hand agreed that the work was quite the success, installed in such a way as to come across as large windows to an immersive oceanic environment.

The exhibition, Adriatic Wonder, announced a brave new exploration for the artist, as he has generously increased the scale of his work to a much larger canvas. The viewer is now able almost to dive inside the work, becoming a part of Vukovic's animated world of color. The exhibition will now be on view at Broadway Gallery until October 29th, 2013.

Broadway Gallery 
473 Broadway Fl. 7 
NY, NY 10013
Massimo Nardi