mercoledì 21 agosto 2013

I Love New Dork

                                                   Mickey Monster by Vincent Scala
I Love New Dork
Group Exhibition
Opening reception - August 23rd, 7pm-10pm

August 23rd through September 18th, 2013

BROOKLYN, NY (RELEASE August 17th, 2013) — Bunnycutlet Gallery is pleased to present I Love New Dork, a group exhibition featuring 25 emerging and established artists, many of whom will be exhibiting with Bunnycutlet for the first time.

For this exhibition, artists flamboyantly channel pop art through the fetishes of Nerd culture iconography, employing irony and emphasizing kitsch to highlight the absurdity and seriousness of that culture's infectious effect.

Nerds have their roots in the 1970's "bronze age" of comics and sci-fi subculture, sharing a once unfashionable passion for computers, fantasy, video games, and cosplay. Previously stereotyped as overly exuberant, bespectacled, and socially isolated, yesteryear's Nerds have cultivated a robust revenge: their idiosyncratic infatuations -- Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Super Mario Bros, Batman -- have become mainstream entertainment juggernauts. Added bonus: obsessive fandom is now a "cool" disposition to champion, toy collecting and trivia reciting and all, encouraging slavery to episodes of everything from Games of Thrones to Madmen.

First-time Bunnycutlet exhibitor Weston Ulfig is a Brooklyn based artist whose reverence for traditional processes and fascination with video game imagery inspires him to build large-scale video-quilt "paintings." Also exhibiting is long-time Bunnycutlet exhibitor is Devin Clark, whose paintings utilize hundreds of multicolored dashes that radiate from his cartoon subjects with heroic glory. Newcomer Ian Clyde's oil paintings merge animals with commodities and technology with cheerful wit, while another newcomer, the award-winning illustration painter Anthony Freda, re-purposes vintage, American ephemera into ironic, often sardonic takes on politically charged current events.

Drew Alderfer
Anja Altenburg
Christopher Baldassano
Jennifer Batinich
Brandon Bird
Devin Clark
Ian Clyde
Jared Deal
Cara DeAngelis
Douglas Einar Olsen
Scott Foster
Anthony Freda
Michael Haleta
John Jacobsmeyer
Jason Marzloff (Marz Jr)
Steph Michios
Gabriel Pinto
Tracy Piper
Douglas Ra
Eric Richardson
Derek Rippe
Vincent Scala
Weston Ulfig
Edwin Vazquez
Shari Weschler Rubeck
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