domenica 12 settembre 2010

New tube chair by Manfred Kielnhofer Sponsert by Interlux Made of Plexiglas and neon light

Paper tube chair by Manfred Kielnhofer

Manfred Kielnhofer’s Tube Chairs Made from Recycled Newspapers
These environmentally friendly chairs by Manfred Kielnhofer are made from recycled newspapers and are surprisingly stylish. They’re also durable – a few of the chairs were made in 2002 and have retained their shape nicely despite having been for various events along the way. Tube construction lends the chairs a modern, futuristic look.

Seen at gallery Artpark, Light Art Biennale Austria2010 /

Manfred Kielnhofer

Kronbergerstrasse 4, 4020 Linz, Austria

0680 1231059